Parent Consulting - help to deal with your child/ren and your family Rafael Richman, PhD Psychologist, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Israel In-person and online counseling and consulting.

As a parent do you feel overwhelmed and exasperated, and long to regain a sense of control?

I can help you.

Is your child suffering from one or more of the following?

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • ADHD/ADD Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity

  • difficulty to concentrate and focus

  • trauma

  • continuous fighting with their siblings

  • stress

  • physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse

  • food and body image issues

  • “temper tantrum-ing”

  • low self-esteem

  • easily gets angry and blows up/explodes/explosive outbursts

  • acts rudely and disrespectfully towards you

  • excessive worrying

  • nervous, anxious, and jittery

  • abused – emotionally, physically, and/or verbally

  • being out of control


I offer consulting and parent groups that may be appropriate and beneficial for you and your child/ren.

I work with parents who feel one or more of the following:

  • stressed, and find it hard to cope and manage

  • confused, unclear, and lost as far as what to do

  • frustrated, irritable, easily annoyed and agitated

  • hopeless, helpless, and powerless


I consult with parents who:

  • worry and are deeply concerned about their children and their children's future

  • are caught in unpleasant, unhealthy, and adversarial reactions and interactions ["dances"] with their children

  • long to create and sustain a positive climate in their home

  • desire to dance gracefully with their children without stepping on each other's toes

  • wish to optimize their parenting

In our sessions I listen genuinely and fully to your concerns, to your needs, and to what is troubling and bothering you. I help create a safe, caring, and nurturing space that allows you to feel supported and comfortable. When meeting with you I provide an accepting and nonjudgmental environment where we work together to help you.

Working together, I can assist you to:

  • discover what is nourishing for your child

  • regain a sense of balance and calmness in your home

  • feel more hopeful

  • be more accepting of yourself and your child

  • enhance the way you relate to your child/ren

  • be better able to truly listen to and hear your child/ren

  • learn how to be on the same “team” and same “side” as your child

  • feel close to your child/ren


When consulting with parents I work within a specific framework that I call Conscious Parenting. Within this approach I am able to give you effective tools, skills, and a unique corresponding, underlying attitude to assist and guide you to better cope with, relate to, and respond to your children.

What is conscious parenting?

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Dr. Rafael Richman
Rafael Richman, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist & Psychologist

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  • Dr. Rafael Richman, Psychologist, provides psychotherapy and consulting to adults, couples, and families, and to adolescents, parents and children. He offers services for people suffering from a wide range of difficulties and life circumstances, including depression, anxiety, marriage and relationship difficulties, ADHD, insomnia and sleep difficulties, and trauma.
  • Dr. Richman's office is located in the German Colony neighborhood of Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Psychological Services are available in English and Hebrew.
  • Online counseling, consulting, and therapy is also available.